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How to Recover Deleted Files from Hard Drive Partition on Mac


Computer is closely associated with us, playing an essential role in our daily life. With the popularization of computer, people are accustomed to storing all job/study-related materials, movies and other entertainment tools on the main storage medium of computer hard disk, memory card and SD card. These three storage devices are the most used devices. When they bring vast convenience to our life, it takes dangers to lost files at the same time. You may deleted files by accident, lost documents by virus attacked, formatted or deleted partition and all files are erased, and other reasons that can cause data loss. We should keep a sober mind and consider how to recover deleted files from hard disk on Mac when data lost. Even if you know the reason, yet in reality, it is still hard to determine which software can retrieve deleted files on Mac exactly.


The first and most important step you should do before using the hard disk recovery for Mac software is to protect the primary scene. The so-called primary scene is the place where data is lost for the first time and only do we properly protect the data loss primary scene can we successfully extract file system parameters and recover deleted files from hard disk. So you should not to read and write the hard disk partition; otherwise these operations will overwrite the deleted hard disk files which are marked as invisible and unprotected by operating system. Therefore, we must prevent overwriting lost files if we want to restore deleted files on hard drive successfully. Knowing this point, user should first avoid writing data on hard disk. And then, let get the answer of how to retrieve deleted files from Mac hard drive.


Because software giant Microsoft nearly monopolizes system software market over nearly a decade, most of the recover data on hard disk software on the market is in allusion to Windows series operating system released by Microsoft. However, operating systems developed by Apple, which are used on Macintosh or Macbook, is quite different from Window series operating system. Therefore incompatible problems exist between plenty of hard disk recovery or deleted partition recovery software on the market and Mac file operating system. We strongly recommend iDisksoft Data Recovery for Mac which specialized in producing Mac compatible data recovery software. It can recover all kinds of data from not just hard drives, for example, recover deleted pictures from Mac hard drive, recover lost files for Mac partition, restore videos from Mac Trash Bin and get back deleted files from external hard drive on Mac. You can visit http://www.idisksoft.com/data-recovery-for-mac.html; there is a solution of how to get back deleted files from partition.



This is the interface of iDisksoft Data Recovery for Mac; it can not only recover the hard disk data from Mac but also recover deleted files from memory card and SD card data on Mac.

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