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  FAQ - Data Recovery for Windows

When will I receive my package?

Our software is available for immediate download. Once you have purchased the product by filling in the online order form, a license will be sent to you via email to unlock the data recovery software for using.

What is your "Data Recovery Guarantee"?

Owing to the nature and huge amount of factors revolving around lost data, we do not offer any guarantee for recovery results.
Demo version helps you to evaluate data that you will be able to recover; there is no difference between what you try and what you buy.

The most important point you must consider: You should not install the demo version to the same partition / volume from where you need to recover lost data
You should avoid any writing operation on the partition from where you need to recover lost data, you should not download or install the demo version on the same partition
If the lost data is not visible using full version, then there must have been some writing or saving operation that has overwritten the lost data. Data once overwritten becomes permanently lost

I have not received a download URL. Why?

Please make sure you have input correct email address and submit your order. For other cases, please feel free to contact us.

How Will I Know You Can Recover My Data?

To help you assess the recovery before you commit, we’ll provide you with an analysis of recoverable data with a range of screen shots showing sampled previewed files, contact sheets, file listings and additional information.

Do you recover data from more than just hard drives?

Yes. We can perform data recovery on floppy disks, Zip Disks, USB memory devices, flash memory, or digital camera memory card.

How do I install iDisksoft Data Recovery?

To install iDisksoft Data Recovery, please follow these steps:
a. go to the Products page; click "download" button under iDisksoft Data Recovery. You should download this data recovery program into your specified folder.
b. Run the downloaded file when finish downloading, and following the step by step what the program asks you to do.

My system crashes. Can I recover the data on the hard disk?

Yes. But do not reinstall the system before recovering data. You can set the hard drive as a secondary drive on another computer, and run iDisksoft Data Recovery on the computer to recover the data on the secondary drive.




User Comments

 " iDisksoft is fantastic software. I love it and find it easy to use. Thank you for the good product. "

-- Gordon Goodermote from Boston


  " Very cool, the Data Recovery tool helps me to find back lost photo and data, I would recommend it to my friends! "

-- Joner, from Washington





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