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How to Recover/Retrieve Deleted Files from Android, HTC, Samsung, and Nokia, etc.


Today, mobile phone is smarter and smarter, such as Android, HTC. We use it not only for connecting with others but also use it for entertainment- take photos, record videos, listen music, surf the internet and even use it for saving documents. But problems come with the "smart" phone. The data stored on the memory card, so data is easier to lose- formatted your Android or HTC, memory card damaged, virus infection, unexpected power failure, deleted files by mistaken and so on, all of these reasons can cause data lost. There are many data loss questions on Yahoo Answer such as " Is there any way to recover deleted files from Android?" "How to get back deleted files from mobile phone SD card?" "Can you retrieve deleted pictures from HTC?" . Persons who asked those questions must be urgently. Actually, there is a way to recover deleted files from smart phone like Android, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, and Nokia. Next, I will talk about the best way to recover lost files from Android or HTC on Windows or Mac.


How to recover deleted files/pictures from Android
There are different situations. If you don't save your photos on the memory card of your Android phone, you can not recover them. If you do, then you can get them back with an Android recovery tool, as well as videos, music and other documents. You can recover lost files from Android, just because the deleted files still stays somewhere on the SD card, but you can't see it and it's inaccessible. The place occupied by the lost files is marked as available to reuse for new files. So once you lost files, stop putting new files in immediately, or the lost files will be overwritten, and you can't get them back in any way with an Android recovery software from Mac and Windows.


How to recover lost/deleted picture files from HTC
The best way to recover deleted files from HTC is to use the HTC recovery software. Stop using the your mobile phone device. If you plan to recover any files , you gotta make sure you don't over write anything, because the more you write data the less likely you'll be able to retrieve lost files. Next is a step by step tutorials that guiding you recover deleted files from smart phone with HTC recovery program, this tutorials can be used for HTC, Android and others smart phone.


The first thing you should do is to take out the memory card from your smart phone and connect your memory card to your PC if your data stored on the memory card. If your files stored on the mobile phone, you can just connect HTC to computer. Note: it's recommended to use a card reader to load the card and insert to the computer as this way is more secure. But if you do not have a card reader at handy, directly connecting your HTC or Android phone to your Macbook or Windows PC via the USB cable is also an alternative.


Step1. Free download and install the iDisksoft Data Recovery on computer.
Step2. Connect memory card to computer with a card reader or connect your phone to computer directly via USB cable, and run data recovery tool.
Step3. Choose a data recovery mode, click your memory card name from "my computer" and then start scanning.
Step 4. All lost files are listed now, just choose files you need and click "Recovery" button to recover them all.


This mobile phone data recovery solution can be used to recover data from all smart phones like Android, HTC, Samsung, and Nokia, etc. So if you deleted/lost files on Nokia or Samsung Galaxy, you may use the same way to get your lost picture files back from both Windows and Mac.



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